Saturday, November 15, 2008


I got tagged with a really cool I ignore a lot of these tags (if you haven't noticed) mostly because I have weird stuff floating in my head and have to let it out before my brain explodes. And since none of you want to clean up the mess (although as bloggers I just know you'd take PICTURES!) I figure it's better to skip the meme's and post my random crap. But this one came at a time when my brain is blank...and I actually think it's pretty fun. Now I got tagged twice on this...once by Bo (the adorable and awesome blogger) at Blinks and Winks Seriously...can you ever visit Bo and not come away smiling? And then I got tagged by the Blonde Duck...who frankly makes me laugh a lot and I love her stories. Now she cheated and did her own made up version of this....which I really liked and plan on doing on another post...but for today I'm gonna do the official version.

Rule 1. List the first ten people who have commented on one of your blog posts.
Here are the first ten people who commented on my George Clooney post...I used this one because most of the comments on this post are beyond funny! from #1 to #10
1) Nikki from Nikki's Nacs

2) Straight to your heart

3) Bridget from My Silly blog

4) Tara of Too much information

5) Jan from Crazy Lady on Road 80

6) Mandy at Adventures of a Millennium Mom

7) Jill from JillJillBoBill

8) Lilly at Lilly's Life

9) Dana Wyzard from Life is Good

10) Leah from Ahh, these are the days of our lives.

Rule 2). The meme questions: 10 Blogs, 15 Questions.
1. What is your favorite post from #3's blog? That would be Bridget...and her post called Red carpet Divas is hands down my favorite...go peek at it now, I'll wait. She also did a post about her husband leaving her for another woman...dang she had me going with that one ...grrr you little toad! Also of the best things about Bridget is that her comments always make me laugh.

2. Has #10 taken any pictures that have moved you? #10 was Leah...and yes...she posted a picture here That reminded me so much of my own teenagers. Her daughters are gorgeous...and they do all the stuff that makes me miss my own kids! And her posts are funny...I like that.

3. Does #6 reply to comments on their blog? #6 is Mandy...and she and I just met. So I don't have a long bloggy relationship with least not long enough to tell how loyal she is lol. But she's a member of SITS so I bet she gives comment love all the time. And her blog is BEAUTIFUL!

4. Which part of Blogland is #2 from? That would be straight to your heart...I'm so new to her blog...I don't even know her first name! I looked...but she's hiding it pretty good...but I'm pretty sure she is from Utah, because she posted some gorgeous pictures of a hike...and it sure looked like heaven on earth. Which must make it UTAH!

5. If you could give one piece of advice to #7 what would it be? SWEET! That would be Jill. OH THIS IS A's almost like I planned it. Do I ever have advice for Jill...check this post out! Probably one of the funniest things I've ever read....and my advice....simple..."Jill put on some underwear!!!!"

6. Have you ever tried something from #9's blog? Hmm #9 is Dana..and the mere thought of her cooking makes me think "poison control". hehehe....but I am tempted to try THIS . For those of you who have never visited Dana's are missing out. She is the master of humor. The woman brings funny to an art form!

7. Has #1 blogged something that inspired you?
Hah this is funny because she just barely posted this and it gave me the best idea. I never would have thought of fixing a paint color like this. She is so SMART!!!

8. How often do you comment on #4's blog? That would be Tara....and she is another one of my newly discovered blog friends. I love going over there and I usually comment on every new post. Although I had a bad couple of days this past week and missed some of everyone's posts.

9. Do you wait excitedly for #8 to post? #8 Lilly...from Lilly's life. And me and everyone else waits for her to post. Her stories crack me up or they make me stop and think. Just don't wear a bear hat when you go to visit her!

10. How did #5's blog change your life? Again you'd think I planned this. #5 is Jan. And Jan has become a very special part of my bloggy day. I never miss one of her posts. She is a member of the same church as I am...and we share so many of the same opinions and ideals. She inspires me daily to remember who I am...and to try to be a better person.

11. Do you know any of your 10 bloggers in person? No...but I sure would like to. I bet if we all got in the same room...there would be TONS OF LAUGHTER!!

12. Do any of your 10 know each other? Not that I'm aware of.

13. Out of the 10, which updates more frequently? I didn't do a scientific test...but if I had to guess I'd say Jan.

14. Which of the 10 keep you laughing? Since I love to laugh....I tend to gravitate towards people who are funny. So most of my blog favorites give me the giggles. But Dana and Jill are both members of humorbloggers for a good reason...They are both wickedly funny.

15. Which of the 10 made you cry (good or bad) tears? hmmm none of them have made me cry bad tears.....they aren't mean like that....yet. And several of them have made me cry "laughing tears" by posting something really funny. And a couple of them have made me pee myself. But I ain't gonna point fingers.

oh and guess what that means...all 10 of you are tagged!

And I'd like to thank the following wonderbloggers for these lovely awards...

Firefly bestowed this beauty on me. It's darn pretty and I really appreciate the sentiment. Go visit firefly...she has a beautiful blog and she dispenses wisdom and great information. And she's really nice too!

Now this one was given to me by a whole herd of bloggers. Kathi, whom I've been visiting for quite some time and who's blog I adore! From Cheryl whom I totally love but only half as much as Crumpet and Ozzie love her! and from Carol who I think was one of the very first bloggers that I visited. So we go waaaay back...well almost 3 months back. She is a schnauzer owner like you know she's a sweet, kind, and very beautiful person!

I'm supposed to write a few sentences from the nearest book, off page 56...5th sentence. This was kinda hard because there was actually no less than 7 books within reaching distance...but here goes....The book is "Guilty as Sin" and was written by Tami Hoag (who is awesome by the way) ... The secretary who served as Ellen's assistant shunned the ordinary in most respects, a tendency immediately obvious in her choice of clothes. The standard office look for Phoebe was Holly Hobby meets Buddy Holly.

If you like gripping fiction...and you've never read Tami Hoag...I highly recommend this book. It was really good!

This award was from Bobbi I just recently found her blog...and just the title tells you how much you're gonna laugh when you get there...her blog is called "It's good to be Queen" ...see ya gotta visit now don't ya!

And lastly...this little nugget came from a very surprising source. I got this one from Joops over at " Sailors Adventures and Musings" Now the reason this one is such a surprise is because I've never been to his blog...and I didn't know he'd ever been to mine. But he decided that because all you commenters were smiling at some dopey thing I said...that I had earned this. Pretty dang nice huh? I really appreciated it Joops...and I must say I enjoyed my first visit to your blog!
I'm supposed to tell you 10 reasons why I'm smiling...but this here post is getting pretty darn long and so I'll spare you. I'll just tell you ONE big one! I'm smiling because I found you all here in blogland...and boy do you make my heart sing! I appreciate the visits, comments, and even you lurkers who don't say anything at all. But mostly I smile because you are all such lovely people and you're willing to share your lives with me...and laugh at mine! THANKYOU!


Mamarazzi said...

FIN stuff!! i like that meme. i get tagged way too much. but i hae a hard time ignoring them. i do however put them off for a looooong time!

Lilly's Life said...

Woohoo, This is a great tag - I dont normally do them either. I am going to do this when I come back in 10 days if ok - all will be revealed Tuesday. You are right, people who make you laugh is the best - thats why we all love coming here!!! So glad I got in on the George Clooney post early!!!!Love your music on here too!!!

Neabear said...

Fun! You are the second person in as many days I have read doing this one. Now I forget who the other one was already. Oh well, perhaps it will come to me later. Hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for visiting my Pink Saturday. Wait, you did visit it didn't you...well you visit often enough anyway. heehee.

MeMe64 said...

I just had to laugh.I am Jessica's mom and yes she is amazing. But I have my sweet little grandbaby Alexis call me MEME. Hope you are well have not seen you in years.

tam said...

Nikki as always I had a great time reading your blog and it is no suprise to me that you get bestowed so many blogger awards! Congrats on those! I am pretty darn happy to have met you here in blogland! My husbands says, as he is shakin his head with that dumb husband look-(you know what I'm talkin about)-he says well honey I guess you are not the only one, there really is someone else like you-kind of any way! He says good thing you two don't hang out together it would be trouble! LoL!Ok whatever old man I told him-(pretty sure the old guy is loosing his mind) -but on that one he is probably right. :o Well girl I'm looking forward to the next post cuz I need all the laugh therapy I can get-you have no idea! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
~Tam :D

Raxx - A day in the life said...

Nikki this was fun to read! You really made me aware of some fun blogs out there, I'll be visiting them soon.

Seriously though, what IS meme?

Cookie said...

I love receiving memes, too.
I really had fun reading your blog. And I'll definitely come back in here to read more of your posts.
By the way, you have a lovely family ;)

Bo said...

Howdy Nikki...Great job with your meme (whatever the heck these are...) and you are soon going to have to open a new blog just to hold all of your well deserved awards! You are one loved lady!!
;-) Bo

Anonymous said...

Those were fun answers to your meme, I don't know what that means either. And congrats on all those awards.


Eudea-Mamia said...

I guess a day in the Town Square stockade was all the inspiration you needed?

GREAT post!

Off to check out all the wonderful blogs you listed. Because my blog roll isn't long enough as it is...way too many smart and funny people!!


laurie said...

As always, you have me laughing when I visit your blog. It is just so much fun to come here! And you've made all of these blogs (many of which I've never visited) sound so great, I can't wait to go visit them. laurie

Not The Rockefellers said...

OK I am sitting here, crying like a damn baby, listening to the voice of an angel that is Josh Groban, reading your words, and it's all good. This is it. I am where I want to be right now.

Peace - Rene

Monica S said...

puh! that was alot of work!!! I just bow my head... and say Good job girl!

Have a nice weekend!!


Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

Fun reading your list.

I rarely do meme's. I've tried to make an effort to only do 2 or 3 posts a week and usually have a plan. I like to keep up with my visitors and return visits, so limiting my posts helps with that, although lately...I've been a tad behind in returning visits. That was a long winded explanation of my version of why I don't generally do meme's!

Had a minute this morning, before getting back to decorating, so thought I'd browse the blogs. Glad I stopped by.

Have a great Sunday!

Jan said...

There is so much love in here. I should have brought flowers and candy and donuts sound good too.
You have a really fun place to take ourselves away for a bit.

This meme is really fun. I love how it connects people too. I have to check out some of your links you shared. They sound really great. I am glad that I comment on the George. I will have so much fun doing this too.

Take care and thanks for making our lives a lot funner :)

Bridget said...

Croak, croak. Or is it ribbit, ribbit?
Wonderful job you've done with this. I'm going to have to wait a few days until the blogging world forgets about yours to do mine so they won't try to hold me up to you.
I really like the SmileStone award. That one is highly appropriate for you.
hugs, B. (which does not stand for Bomber!)

Justine said...

This was a GREAT meme!!!!!!!! I just may have to do it some times this week. And look at that cute smiley award! I love it!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )

tammy said...

That was a fun meme. I'd never read any of those blogs before excepts Jan's, and I have to say she inspires me too. She's one of those people you feel like you just knew before you came here, and were destined to meet again.

Jamie said...

Great awards & meme's! Just found your blog & love it.

What a great backyard you have...I'm soooo jealous :-)

I think I'll follow you!

sandi said...

That was fun! I am so excited to check out the new blogs. I love to laugh too.

Ma'dame French said...

I can't say that I still know what a meme actually means ( lol) Trying to get back into the swing of things here!! Yikes! Hugs French;)

onlymehere said...

I'm with French, what the heck is a meme anyway?!!! Loved this post and I'll have to check out some of these people later.....dang too bad there's such a thing as a clock and things I have to do bz I could do this all day!!

French Fancy said...

I am really not surprised at all the accolades and awards that have come to your blog. You bring happiness and laughter to people, Nikki, and it's a treat to read your posts.

home sweet home said...

Love you Blog!

Natalie said...

Congrats on all the awards & memes!

I'm excited to check out the blogs you've linked to.

Happy To Be said...

Great meme post today girl...and as always you made it funny...have a great Sunday girl...hugs and smiles Gloria

Smilingsal said...

You did a looong post for someone drawing a blank. See how useful memes can be? I love the book one; I did it last week.

Swirl Girl said...

Congratulations on your awards! I love the meme's...especially the one where you pick 10 and answer 10...

I need to check them out too!

Firefly said...

Congrats on all the wonderful awards :) and thanks for making me feel so special with your
words :) :) :)

Hope your weekend is wonderful!!!

Straight to Your Hart said...

Not it!! JK..I will play along in the next few weeks..I mean days..Thanks..cough..cough!! tehe

Just call me Tater Tot (actually taken from blue collar comedy)..just sounds so tasty, crunchy me (no). My kids call me Darth Mom..don't ask...I would so much rather be Princess Melanie. You can totally leave out the Princess part because then all sorts of problems come along with that..Your Highness, Madam, Your Ladyship, and all sorts of tiara wearing

Have a good one!!

Michele said...

Oh, man! From one Blah Blah girl to another! I just finished writing a post about Me-Me myself, but am to afraid to post b/c I might get tagged! Very cute!! :->

amiable amy said...

Hi Nikki,you deserved those tags and awards because somehow you are an inspiration and the humor you shared are really worth a visit. Thanks for personally making me smile.

Tracey said...

Congratulations on more awards!
You deserve them all!!!!!!

KC Mom said...

Wow! You always put so much time and effort into your posts. This must have taken you forever to do this tag! Not to mention you always have the perfect cued up ready to go. I love coming here for the grin.

AJ said...

You are one popular girl:) And rightfully so! If I knew how to get one of those cute little hearts fonts I'd put one right (here)!!

Michael said...

Super cool meme post...I love it!

My comment is short and sweet today...back to my paper!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

that was too fun....and I am impressed you have kept all your awards straight.
you make us all laugh, smile and of course...we love to laugh along with you/at you...hee hee/ :)

Natalie said...

Thank you!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

That's an impressive post. Way to go with keeping it all straight. I'd have screwed it up somehow. LOL. But, that's why we love ya - you're just so smart!

TMI said...

I popped over to see Red Carpet Divas post. So funny!

Cookie said...

Hello! It's me again. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the comment. I added you in my Wonder Woman Award because I believe you deserve it. Just looking at your kids' pictures (the one you posted) with a smile on their faces speaks it all. You really have a happy family & I guess one of the reasons is because they have a wonder mom like you! I hope you will accept the award ;)

Hope to see you in my blog again. Have a great Monday!

Cookie's Corner


Tristan said...

Thanks for visiting me! Your little place looks beautiful too :)..I just might have to become a! So, yea..MIL..mine is on my bad list this in-laws are getting divorced after 28 years of's kinda a mess!

jori-o said...

You're awesome. I haven't been by for a few days, so I'm just catching up. You are an awesome lady!

Just thought you should know =)

Tristan said...

It will take more than clowns to scare me away..I will just never scroll down that far for a while..LOL!

The Blonde Duck said...

I love your meme! And I did cheat. And I'm proud of it. :)

Picket said...

Morning Nikki..great meme! Man you are so famous I need your autograph! lol Hope all is well with you and yours girl and that you have a fantastic day!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Nikki! I loved your answers! :) i hope you had a super weekend!


A New England Life said...

Hey crazy lady!

Think you have enough awards yet? I sure hope to be able to check out some of those bloggers you blogged about. In blogland there is just too much of a good thing to keep track of it all!

Happy Monday! Oh, and why isn't a picture coming up for my latest post on your blog roll? Not that you would want it too anyway ; )


Happy To Be said...

Nikki you doddle head girl...I thought you knew I was the Happy to Be from ever my daughter google my name and found out some guy from NY had the same user name..she called and asked me if I was leading a double life...too funny..Hope you have a great day dear your music today..hugs and smiles Gloria

Natalie said...

I know those winters all too well :)

3 full days trapped in my house at the end of a cul de sac in the winter of '04-'05 was the final straw that broke this camel's back, lol.

Yesterday my daughter said she missed snow. I'm thinking it's because she never had to shovel it. In order to try and find her car. So she could leave work.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

So that La Dolce Vita Award has someone's blog URL on it, Kristen Andrews, who is the name of my cousin I haven't seen in years, so Itracked it back until I got to this Kristen's blog and I told her that she still owes me three bucks from way back when and that her dad tried to grope me once. (OK, I'm kidding about that last part, but I did go knocking on her door for the money.) I wonder if she'll think I'm some crazy lady and not say anything and just hope I'll go away.

Darlene said...

Hey Nikki,

That was a fun post you did!!! Congratulations on all your definitely deserve every one of them!!!! We all just love your blog!!!!!!

Big Hair Envy said...

*Bows down to Nikki the Great*

Girlfriend, you get awards from people you have NEVER EVEN "MET"?? I assume you will now be invited to speak at BlogHer '09....

Shannon said...

I'm not sure what a meme is, either... but this one looks like fun! I may just have to take this one from you...

joelandbecca said...

What is a meme? Wow that is a complicted tag! Fun though. Blogging sure puts you in contact with people you never would h ave known otherwise. I just love how much you love Utah. My hubby thinks I am crazy because I never stop talking about it-well he may think I am crazy for a few other reasons too! hehe!

salmagundi said...

Wow! You are the queen of awards this week - all well deserved; especially the 'you make me smile' award. Can't have a day without Nikki and Crumpet plus Oz. Sally

Shannon said...

What a great meme and way to go with all the awards! You get my vote for funny and fun!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I am sooooo bad about doing memes. I saw a anecdote the other day about blogger memes and I wish I could remember it because it was really funny.

As memes go though, this one you just did is really pretty cool because there is all sorts of linky love. And that's ALWAYS a good thing!

Jeanne said...

Hi Nikki, I was tagged with this meme too. I will try to post it on Weds.
Your meme is fun and humorous. It is very involved, a challenge in itself.
Enjoyed all.

Congrats on your awards. Good going girl. You are deserving of any award you receive. smile.


Marrdy said...

What a fun post!! I was thinking of you tonight. We're watching the Jazz play the Suns and Jeff Hornacek is doing some of the announcing. He's looking good all dressed up in his suit! PANT..PANT..PANT!!

Mandy @ Adventures of a Millennium Mom said...

Hey Nikki, Thanks for the tag! I absolutely love reading your blog! I'll post the meme w/ a link back to you in the next day or two.:)

Joops said...

Wow, I am honored that you pick one of my award or meme as you call it to be part of the list.. Thanks Kathy.. I discovered your blog through an invitation from Amy and she's right.. I love visiting this now.. Take care!

Oh by the way, I am following your blog..

Joops said...

Wow, I am honored that you pick one of my award or meme as you call it to be part of the list.. Thanks Kathy.. I discovered your blog through an invitation from Amy and she's right.. I love visiting this now.. Take care!

Oh by the way, I am following your blog..

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly, reading all your comments is almost like reading a novel. LOL Casey slept all night last night, not a peep out of him.

Love Ya,

Kristin said...

You crack me up!

Kristin said...

You crack me up!

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Thank you for your kind words! I'm excited about visiting each one of the blogs you've mentioned, they all sound awesome! Isn't if fun when a fella drops by...I didn't know men were into blogs! Go Joops! Rock on Nikki!


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