Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first "Tag" and a COOL award

This is a first for me. Of course I've only been doing this for one month and one day..(WOO HOO)...So I was tagged by Awesome Carol from Charli and Me (go see her wonderful blog for sure!)

I'm supposed to follow rules...which is really hard for me...but they are as follows: link back to the tagger, tag 6 more people and let them know they've been tagged. And I'm supposed to List 6 quirky things about myself....

Hmmmm 6 quirky things about me??? I just asked my hubby...he said and I quote "6!!!! I can think of 60!!!! in fact 6000!!!" hmmm I'm thinking he's gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight!

The first would have to be that I am a book addict. I usually have 2 to 3 books going at one time. I carry a book in my purse, there is one on the nightstand, one in the ledge of my tub, and one in my truck. I just make sure that they are by different authors so I don't get the stories mixed up. If I stop at a stoplight I pick up my book, waiting at a drive up window...yup I'm reading in line. Any unused second of every day I'm reading.

I regularly get stuck on a type of food and then eat it every day for weeks on end. Until I get sick of it and then won't touch it for years. Unless of course we're talking chocolate. That I will NEVER give up.

I hate shoes! HATE HATE HATE wearing shoes and socks. You'll never catch me at home wearing anything on my feet. Unless there is a sign that says "no shoes no service" or there is snow on the ground...I am barefoot!

I don't like shopping for anything except furniture. I could go furniture shopping every day and be happy as a clam. But you'll never find me in the mall unless I have no other option. I buy almost everything I wear on-line. The mall and me are mortal enemies!

I am TERRIFIED of grasshoppers or anything that resembles one. I can pick up snakes, spiders lizards or any other creepy crawlies...but get me within a mile of a grasshopper and my brain turns to mush and I FREAK OUT!

I'm a "channel flipper" I have to flip channels on every commercial...and sometimes during a show I'm watching...It's not unusual for me to watch several shows at the same time! It makes my dear hubby NUTS!!!!!!

So now that you know what a spaz I am...It's your turn. Here are the people I want to tag:

Tracey at I am me She's a sweetheart, and an animal lover so that makes her way cool!...go visit her blog!

Michael at Captain Obvious (this should be interesting...He's a hoot!)

Rhonda at Scooterblu's Whimsey She seems like such a sweet and normal lady...lets see if she even has quirks!

Kyley at Crazy Kyley This girl is CRAZY and she makes me laugh. You just know she's got some interesting quirks!!

Cathy at Catnabarn I've known Cathy for a long time from RMS....but I don't know her quirks..its time for her to fess up!

Bo at blinks and winks
She's a new blogger friend...and how better to get to know someone than to know their weird secrets!

And now for the supercoolfunstuff! Elizabeth over at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord (I just love that blog name!) Gave me this KILLER award. I always wanted to be kick a@@ at something! Thanks Elizabeth!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I was planning on holding off on part II of this story until next "Dogs on Thursday". However, Ozgood refuses to play dead for an entire week. He says the grass makes him itch. If you are new here...and didn't read part might want to scroll back and start at the beginning...otherwise this ain't gonna make a lot of sense. (not that it will anyway) So without further ado.......

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


IT'S THURSDAY...(ok almost Thursday..but I have to work tomorrow so I'm getting an early start...sheeesh gimme a break here)...where was I? Oh....IT'S THURSDAY...which means it's time for "Dogs on Thursday" go there to see other dog-blogs today!

Crumpet informed me that his post got waaaaay more traffic than anything that I posted. So he's demanding another shot at showing me up. SO CRUMPET PRESENTS......


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