Monday, August 4, 2008


I've been feeling really homesick lately. Missing my beloved Utah so much it hurts. I've been living in New England for 7 years. But as lovely as it is still doesn't feel like home. So if you will...I'd like to take you on a tour of my BEAUTIFUL Utah. I hope you enjoy the journey!

The Beehive State...The name Utah comes from the Ute Indian tribe and means "People of the Mountains"
Utah covers 84,900 square miles and is the 11th largest state. The federal government owns 65% of the land.

We'll start the tour in the northern most part of Utah. Cache Valley is mostly argricultural..lots of cattle farms. And the home of Utah State University

As we head southwest we welcome you to The Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake is 75 miles long 35 miles wide and covers one million acres. It's average depth is only 13 feet and 34 feet at it's deepest.

The Bonneville Salt Flats A place so barren not even the simpilest life forms can exist it covers 30,000 acres of Western Utah.

Out in this barren wasteland is a sculpture created by Karl Momen. It was constructed in the 1980's and stands 87 feet high. It is commonly referred to as "The Tree of Life" and the plaque at it's base says "A hymn to our universe whose glory and dimension is beyond all myth and imagination" It is a very odd site, as it stands all alone in the middle of nowhere.

Next stop Salt Lake City it's the Capital of Utah, and headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons)

Utah's mountain peaks on average are the tallest in the country. The average elevation of the tallest peaks in each of Utah's counties is 11,222 feet.

And Salt Lake City is also the home of my FAVORITE team in the world.

GOOOOO JAZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we continue our trip we arrive in Park City Utah. The 2002 Winter Olympics was held here, and it's the home of the Greatest Snow on Earth!

From Park city we travel down Provo Canyon and make a pit stop at "Bridal Veil Falls" there was a tram that takes you to the top where there was a Restaurant. It is a VERY scarey trip


We now arrive in Provo, once voted the "most livable city in America". And home of Brigham Young University....GOOOOO COUGARS! (the lake in the distance is Utah Lake)

THIS IS THE BEST PART...our next stop is my birth place and home for 40 years! The great City of PAYSON!!! (~~~~confetti flutters from ceiling~~~~~)
Beautiful Mount Nebo. The view I saw every day growing up

Payson is a small rural community. We have a town celebration every year called..."Golden Onion Days" where everyone in town comes out for the parade, fireworks, and a band concert in the park.
This is the Peteetneet School. It originally was a grade school but is now a museum and cultural hall.
A twenty minute drive from town and you'll be at one of 3 Payson lakes. YUM YUM fresh rainbow trout for dinner!

Uh oh somewhere along the way we forgot to go to Vernal. It is home of Dinosaur national park which is the largest quarry of Jurassic era dinosaur bones ever discovered. (a side note...most of the dinosaurs weren't pink)

You've heard of the Sahara Desert I'm sure....but did you know that Utah has it's own version called "Little Sahara" It's where everyone heads on a sunny weekend with their dune buggies, motorcycles and 4 wheelers.

Okay tighten your seatbelts because here is where the trip gets even MORE beautiful. We are heading into just some of Utah's National're not gonna believe this!
Bryce Canyon

Angel arch...can you find the angel....she has her back turned to the arch

Goblin Valley and you can see where it got it's name.

Zions National Park

Over 2.7 million people a year visit Zion's National park and the surrounding areas.

Lake Powell

And the last stop...we've reached the Southernmost part of the state...St. George. Because of it's mild climate in the winter you can actually grow palm trees here.
That's the end of the line....but hey...if we keep going south for a few more hours we'll be in LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!! WOO HOO LETS KEEP GOING...........


Picket said...

Morning Nikki! Wow I loved that tour and all the history!!! It was beautiful girl..I didn't know you were from Utah..and I sure didn't know Utah had such beautiful I felt like I was on one of those fancy tour buses with you up front saying 'now ladies and gentlemen if you will look out you windows to the left...! lol" Do you ever plan on moving back to Utah? Is you family still there..ok...ok so all that info wasn't included in the price of the tour! lol have a great day girl!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Nikki,
You have done a wonderful job of promoting your home state! I had no idea Utah had so much to offer!
thanks for the photo tour,

Tracey said...

Utah is beautiful! I love the Angel Arch!
Have a great day :)

Paulette said...

What a great tour! I had no idea Utah was so beautiful. Now I really want to visit! Thank you so much for sharing your home state with us.


nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks so much for coming ladies! I hope your butt's didn't get numb on the long ride. My hubby kept saying "delete some...delete some!" So I tried to edit...but it was SOOOO hard! Hopefully most of you were able to stay awake for the whole trip lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki, I'm glad you didn't delete anything. I had no idea how beautiful Utah is. I feel a road trip coming on! I can absolutely understand why you're homesick! Carol

ko said...

That is so cool! I never realized how beautiful Utah is! WOW! Great post! :) I am from the big city of Houston Texas, and sadly I do not miss it at all! To fast for me.....The town I live in town is like the best home ever! :) I am sorry you are homesick! I will pray that you just get to snuggle up with Crumpet and it all goes away!

Kathy said...

Hi Nikki, I am not one bit surprised that you miss your home, Utah is beautiful and your photography is stunning, I mean all of it, the church, the mountains, the lakes, stunning.

I really enjoyed this post, I have been to Vegas, but next time I will keep going the other way till I end up in Utah. Woo Hoo.

ps I know how much work goes into these posts so appreciate all your efforts and glad you did not listen to hubby (sorry hubby) haha.

Cathy said...

Nikki...that was a great idea....showing your home place....I never really looked at Utah before. Thanks for the tour!
It is a beautiful state!


Bella said...

Thanks for the tour of Utah...that Park City looks like a great place to visit!

Bella :)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

This is my first time by your blog, Nikki! I really enjoyed seeing all your projects, since I'm a yardsale queen myself & love doing the projects. You inspire me to get some power tools of my own!

Drop by & see me sometime!


Penny said...

Oh my goodness, what a BEAUTIFUL place. I'd wanna go home too! I never knew the beauty of Utah! Thanks for the tour. I think I'm going to go hop back on the bus and take it again!

bj said...

Ummm...Utah is really a beautiful state. No wonder you miss it..altho New England is breathtaking, too.
We took our kids on a mini vacation years ago to Lake Powell and swore we would go back someday, rent a houseboat for a week and just hang out. We've never done it, tho...maybe someday. It is such a beautiful lake and Rainbow Bridge blew our minds....
Thanks for the lovely photos and tour...
love, bj

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Wow, I had no idea that Utah was that beautiful! I never had any reason to want to go there, but now I really want to visit Zion National Park. Those mountains are just incredible and the landscapes look unreal! Terrific post!


Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

Utah IS beautiful! I've stayed and went snow skiing at Sundance, went to a wedding there about four years ago and stayed at Hotel Park City and we rented a house boat and went water skiing at Lake Powel. So, you can say I've been there LOL Oh and Vegas.... Can I go?! I miss it terribly!!

By the way, I didn't know you built all that stuff in your home. You should have your own DIY show! Oh and I can't get near anything with a blade or the same thing would happen to me LOL


niartist said...

Nikki, thanks for stopping by! You're MORE than welcome to join the next trip - though I think we'll have to get someone who can drive a 18 wheeler. ;) Maybe a caravan, we'll see where my imagination takes me. Give me a couple of RMS rooms and what you'd like to "borrow" and I'll make it happen - so to speak. Til then, Artie!

mishebe said...

Well hello Nikki, i am so excited I found u and Picketfences blog. i am mishebe from rms. I am not on their anymore but i have my own blog too. come visit sometime.. Mishelle

Jared and Jessica said...

I enjoyed the ride as well...I think my favorite pictures were the ones of payson...I love you..sorry you are homesick

Anonymous said...

Morning Nikki! Funny I left New England 7 yrs ago to come to WV! You left to go to New England! I can totally relate to homesickness because there just is "No Place Like Home" I keep clickin my red shoes but I'm still here!lol Utah is gorgeous and so interesting. Your pictures are probably the only way I'll get there so thanks for the vacation! Have a great day - Jeannette

Susie Q said...

You never really leave your home...and it stays a part of you. These photos are glorious. You come from such a beautiful oart of the world.

I can totally relate as we were away from our hometown for over 20 years.

I love it here and will be balc often!


Stephanie said...

Hi Nikki,

I just stumbled on to your blog, which is amazing because I am going to Utah this Friday for the first time! Thanks for all the info. Makes me wish I were going to be there longer than just the weekend! (my sister's wedding)

Take Care,


aj said...

Just found your blog and am lovin it so far:) I've never been to Utah before but you have made me want to visit! Love your decorating style. I need to learn some refinishing/painting tips from you! I'll be back for more.

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

Dear Nikki~ I'm so happy the "light went on!" (well, "duh, Linda!"), & I figured out, at Gollum's, that you now have a blog! It's too late in the day, 5:30 here, to go back & read everything, but I DID take the time to run thru it a bit, & your blog really DOES look interesting n' fun, & as "Ahhhhnold" would say "I willlll be bacccckkkk!" to read more! Am so glad you are still "around"~ the "early RMS days" were such fun, weren't they, and you were ALWAYS such a gracious, ladylike. kind n' fun gal to talk with! YOUR beautiful, heartwarming pics of "MY" beloved St. George & Park City just exposed "the best kept secret in the west!" ~~~ my heart is still there, too, & we only lived there for 1 1/2 years after "discovering" it's sheer beauty, before moving here to AZ (work related~ otherwise, we'd still BE there!)... I LOVED every single minute of divine Utah. I had never felt more "at peace" and "in the right place", than I have while living there. It was glorious. I hope we DO move back there someday. Maybe we'll be friends n' neighbors!?!?! Blessings to you, DH and of course, The Crumpet gets licks from our Belle-girl! Warmly, Linda

nikkicrumpet said...


I'm sooooo glad you found me mom. I'm honored to have you visit and I hope you come back often! I too miss the old RMS days. I rarely go there anymore but I'm so glad so many of my favorite people have come to blogland. Now that you're visiting the circle is complete! Take care my friend :}

ceekay said... to your blog...sorry you are so lonely, but I have to tell you your home looks lovely. I really like all your creations.
I get homesick for my home state occasionally too, even though I have been here for 13 years! Have a wonderful week!!

Southern Lady said...

Nikki, thank you for sharing your beloved Utah with us. It truly looks like it's "God's country."

I can't imagine waking up each morning and seeing those majestic mountains outside my windows.

I hope you can go "home" for a visit soon.



onlymehere said...

I need to get out more. Sometimes I forget all Utah has to offer! Great tour!

Bridget said...

Nikki, I loved your tour of Utah. I've been to Salt Lake a couple of times but I haven't seen all of these other great sights. I would so love to see them in person, if they are that beautiful in photos they must be absolutely breathtaking in person!
Forget about the snow, I hear that Park City is a GREAT place to shop. lol
I hope life takes you full circle and you get back to Utah sometime soon. Be patient, it will come in time.

Kimba said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures. Back in my working (for a paycheck) days, I used to travel to Salt Lake City all the time to see one of my clients. It was one of my favorite places to go for business.

Such a beautiful city. Whenever I got a chance I would rent a car and drive up to Park City just to enjoy the scenery. I'm not a skier (but I'm a great ski-bunny) but the mountains are just so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I came here from Watch the Wind Blow By..
All I can say.. You've made me homesick! I grew up in Evanston, WY, but my Mom lives in SLC. Great Blog!

candiceschenk said...

Wow, that just made me really homesick too. I too am a Utah girl. Born and grew up there. But now I live in TN. It's okay here, but Utah will always be home to me.

Maggie R said...

Hi Nikki,
I happened here from SITS and so glad I did.
Your blog is FABULOUS... and all the pictures..
The pictures of Utah took me back ... I live in Southern Ontario Canada and for our 50th wedding anniversary we took a trip out west to Calgary Alberta where our daughter lives, from there we went south through the States. Utah was one of my faves..... The landscape is breathtaking and the memories of the Grand Canyon and Sault Lake City and Temple Square took my breath away....You are so fortunate to be able to enjoy that every day!!!
Thanks for the memories( gotta bookmark you for the future)

Marrdy said...

Holy CRAP!!!! Nikki, are you from Payson??? I went to Onion Days for almost 30 years when I was married before. My former mother in law lives there as do the aunts and cousins....


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