Monday, August 18, 2008

`~`~`~ FADING SUMMER ~`~`~`

I was outside today...sitting by the pond and feeding the fish.
I looked around our yard and felt a little sad.

The day Lilies are all bloomed out,
the cone flowers are starting to fade & the daisies don't look quite so cheery.

I hate the end of the season when all my flowers fade. So before I could completely depress myself thinking about the impending end of summer...I decided to showcase some beautiful gardens. Heck me, the bees, and the butterflies need to look at something cheery!

The following gardens were published on "Rate my Space" and are some of my most favorites



James Collins





and finally...the Queen of flowers...the Goddess of gardens....tootsie! If you haven't visited her blog Tootsie Time you must do it!

And last..and CERTAINLY THE VERY LEAST...what's up with this...I have this big luscious Hydrangea...and it has one...count em ONE flower.....HELP WHERE DID I GO WRONG !

Ah Well...I guess the bright side is that I live in New England...and there is no more beautiful place on earth during the fall!


Marie said...

I think New England is beautiful spring, summer, fall and winter! Of course, I only spent one winter in Rhode Island so maybe after a few years I'd change my tune. :o) BEAUTIFUL garden photos! Your hydrangea is doing better than both of mine put together- even with one flower! How sad is that??

imjacobsmom said...

Great Garden choices Nikki! I wish mine could have been one of them, but every time I tried to upload the photos the server was always down.....(sorry, try again). Anywoo, I have 3 annabelle hydrangeas in full bloom, 2 endless summers - not one bloom between them, another annabelle without a bud or bloom on it, a peegee that is absolutely loaded and a climbing hydrangea that is on it's third year (they take about 3 years to establish their roots and then they are suppose to take off after that, my fingers are crossed).
The rest of the bunch is fading here, too. However, I have dahlia's, anise hyssop, black-eyed susans and sedums going strong! ~ Robyn

Bridget said...

Nikki, I hope you'll post some of the beautiful fall color when it arrives. Here in California we don't get much of that.
Even though your hydrangea only has one flower, it is a very beautiful one.
I need to get out a photograph some of the flowers before they are all gone for painting inspiration over the winter.
I can't believe summer is almost over. Hubby was just commenting that our veggie garden has just about seen it's last harvest.

Nancy said...

Oh Nikki, I remember some of these gardens...I know what you mean about summer fadding....I can feel it happening here in the south's almost over, and I am not ready. I love the fall, but not so much winter! Thanks for sharing these beautiful gardens. Nancy

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Nikki,
That is one of my visit New England in the fall!

The garden pictures you chose are beautiful.

Lots of my summer garden is fading too...except for my zinnias and coleus!

French said...

You sure picked some beauties!!! I only wish I liked to garden but alas with the weather being almost 100 degrees for the last 2 months who wants to be outside dying in that heat;(~~~ Maybe one day I will get brave and actually try gardening;) I am very afraid!! French

aj said...

Oh how I wish I could have a beautiful flower garden like any of those! I have a black thumb and am the queen of buying flowers and leaving them in the little plastic containers:( Someday!

Linda's Blue Gate said...

Even though you flower seem to have faded you garden still looks amazing.... those crazy weeds.... I have a hard time keeping ahead of them.... the one hydrangea is very pretty..

Kathy said...

Hi Nikki, I was thinking the same thing only today, but I agree your garden still looks lovely and your one hydrangea flower is a beautiful one.
I love all those gardens from RMS and a few more too, such amazing inspiration.
New England is on my list of must visits. Kathy.

bj said...

Beautiful, beautiful gardens...full of wonderfulness!
How I wish I had a green and not brown thumb but, alas, it is not to be....and, at least your one, lonely flower is MAGNIFICENT !
I would love to tour New England someday. My mom always wanted to go and she and I planned to do it....someday....and then she passed away and now I am crying and can't type any more....

da Bergs said...

I am SO glad you dropped by my blog! Now, I have a new friend! YEAH!!! I LOVE YOUR beautiful blog! Can I just say, you truly DID find your paradise!!! It is lovely!!! I love the pond and fishies!!! How long have you lived there? When did you leave Utah?

Your daughters are beautiful too! How old are they? LOL...

Tracey said...

Beautiful gardens....I love the one with the stone path. I want to do something like that.
Can't wait to see some lovely fall photos from your area :)
Don't feel bad about the hydrangea. It is one of my FAVORITES and I have no luck with them at all. I have to just enjoy looking at everyone elses.

Beth Ann said...

There is nothing greater than beautiful flowers enveloping your life~

Brown-Eyes said...

I'm so glad I came by your blog today and was able to enjoy some of the pretty gardens again. We have 2 hydrangeas and neither did that well this year...maybe the heat? I'm ready for fall...even winter, because of this awfully HOT summer. ;-) Bo

Cherry's Jubilee said...

HOly cow.........that is like Bush must have 20 greeen yard is soo not worthy. Beautiful! Thnks for coming and visiting me. cherry

Twice as Nice said...

Some people in the south are begging for fall but here in the midwest we had a mild summer. I feel like we didn't even get a summer after our looong winter! My hydrangea is green with no flowers for the second summer in a row. The flowers just seem to get the most beautiful and full in August only to be done before you know it. Fall is a beautiful season too but it only means winter is around the corner.

karin said...

I've been feeling a teensy bit sad about the waning of summer, too, so thanks for sharing all of these beautiful photos. Karin

Naz said...

I understand how you feel being a New Englander myself. Just this morning I felt the beginnings of a September chill in the air. We are blessed to have the different seasons here but winter always seems to take the bulk of the change. I think I'll go sit outside and enjoy the beauty of it.

Anonymous said...

Nikki, I loved the beautiful pics! How lovely! I love the summer time too... I hate to see such a beuatiful time of the year come to an end. (Sad Face)

I went to Grad School in Manchester, NH. Driving up to Manchester in October had to be the best time ever! The Fall scenery was breath taking!


Anonymous said...

Nikki, I loved the beautiful pics! How lovely! I love the summer time too... I hate to see such a beuatiful time of the year come to an end. (Sad Face)

I went to Grad School in Manchester, NH. Driving up to Manchester in October had to be the best time ever! The Fall scenery was breath taking!


Cathy said...

Oh...Nikki, don't remind me it's almost over! That IS sad! But that means Fall is on the we'll be OK! I love looking back at those beautiful gardens....thanks for the tour!


joelandbecca said...

MA in the fall has been one of my favorite memories! I can't wait til I can drag my hubby there and visit it again. And fall is my favorite season! Except, fall in Texas is so sad. We don't get any color! You are one lucky gal! Live it up for me!

ko said...

wow! What beautiful pics!!!!!
believe it or not hydrangeas grow fantastic here where i live in surprises me! you are so cool!

Beth Ann said...


Thanks for stopping in again! Yes- newbies must stick together! LOL
How do you get so many people to visit you? Im in awe! I feel so far behind everyone in trying to learn all this stuff! It's mind boggling! lol
I want you to design my kitchen! DO you do that professionally? Do you work traveling long distances? LOL Im serious!!!!!!!!
Happy Hump Day!

Bella's momma said...

I am in awe. It is all so very beautiful!!!

a day in the life of bella said...

What gorgeous gardens, thanks for posting those. I am decorating for Fall already and probably too soon...but I love fall decor...and I have just caught the crafting bug so I am on an autumn mission...but no, I am not looking forward to the end of summer :(


Michael said...

My absolute favorite flower is hydrangea...beautiful!

Fifi Flowers said...


Louisette said...
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Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures you have posted! Soo lovely. Thank you for sharing.
I read your comment over at Sallys. The Box Car Children was my favorite childhood book too :>) I hope you have a great day!

Rhondi said...

My garden gets very sad this time of year too. Thanks for showing us those beautiful gardens. Gorgeous!

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

***How GLORIOUS, Nikki!!! AND, regarding your pretty pink hydrangea, I say "PLUS 1 of ANYTHING pretty is better than MINUS 1", RIGHT? *** "Scrumpetdelicious!"***

dogquilter said...

Wonderful gardens! You must spend oodles of time in them making them look so nice.

Rue said...

Gorgeous gardens :)

I'm still laughing at that other post LOL

Have a great night!

Rue said...

Hi Nikki :)

I posted down here so that hardly anyone would see it ;)

You're doing a great job. Seriously! You already have a captive audience, so that should tell you how much they like you.

I don't know why I have something to blog about everyday, but I can usually come up with something. I wanted to do a decorating blog and it ended up being about my life with a dash of decorating. I paid attention to what my readers liked and went with it. Now don't think every post is popular. Sometimes they are a big ol' dud, but keep forging ahead and although once in a while you'll hit a speed bumb, you will do great. Just talk about what you know and they will listen. They want detail and beauty, but above all honesty. Does that make sense?

To be honest, I have not one clue why anyone reads my blog at all. I'm just talking and that's it.

Anyway, I hope I helped you out. Don't feel pressure, have fun with it. Just be YOU, Okay?

Big hugs,


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