Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hey everyone. I know I haven't been around much...and that will continue for a little while longer. Summer demands my attention.

However I have to take a second and do something that is out of the ordinary for me here on my blog. I know I usually keep it light and none to serious. But I'm pretty ticked off at the moment. So bear with me while I am serious and angry for a moment.

For any of you who are fans of Glenn Beck, and appreciate his honest and straight forward TV show and radio've probably heard that some of his sponsors have pulled their ads. The liberal media like the Huffington Post and others are trying to silence him and get him off the air. It's amazing to me that "Liberals" are the first people to SCREAM "Freedom of Speech" when they have something to say. But are also first in line to try and shut up anyone who doesn't agree with them. Well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We as conservatives have sat by long enough and let them push us around. We have jobs and families we love and take care of, and in so doing, we have less time to attend protests and write letters and generally harrass anyone who disagrees with us. But the time has come to start fighting back. This country is never going to survive unless good and decent people take action.

It is a simple thing to go to the websites of the companies who have pulled their ads, find the contact information at the bottom of their web page, and send a quick email. If we all let them know that we will no longer be buying their products or shopping in their stores as long as they are trying to silence a good and decent man who is only telling the truth. The fact that these companies caved in to the liberal media needs to be addressed. If you can take a few minutes and send emails to any or all of the following companies it would be a "very good thing".

Walmart, Best Buy, Travelocity, Geico, SC Johnson, CVS, Mens Warehouse, Radio Shack, Proctor & Gamble, State Farm, and Sargento Cheese.

I don't expect all of my readers to agree with me. That's one of the best things about this country, we're allowed to have and voice our opinions. I have lots of liberal friends and readers who already think my political views are nuts. Which is fine...I think civil people can agree to disagree. I just felt compelled to try and do something to stop this from happening to a good man. It's amazing how much power we have if we just use it. Thanks for letting me RANT. And I hope you're all happy, safe, and having a great summer!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~♥~ I WISH WEDNESDAY ~♥~(10 minutes early)

I'm baaaaaaaack. And I'd just like to say thanks to all of you who actually noticed I was gone. It's heart warming to know I was sort of missed. And I missed you all so very much. I can't wait to catch up on what everyone has been doing. Although It's gonna take me awhile. . . . .

I wish...........that I could say that I haven't ever seen this look on my hubby's face. ..but I have....and more than once.

I wish..........................I was a cat....they get away with everything.

I summer wardrobe was this stylish!

I tell Weight Watchers.....GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY!

I wish......................To say AMEN! Piddle on toilet seats is not ever sit before a thorough inspection?????

I give kudos for keeping it on the rail. Nice work!

I wish.......................Personal responsibility was still in style.

I get me one of these snazzy mailboxes. Heck...most of the stuff that goes in mine is total crap anyway!

I wish.....................that mine came with the recliner option.

I reserve a burial plot...dude's gonna need one.

I wish...................Ozzie hadn't left me for this woman....or was it for the squash?

I wish.............this wasn't true. ....but sadly my septic tank and Washington are filled with the exact same crap!

I wish.....................we all had a mommy to love us this much. All together now.....AWWWWWWWWW

I wait....I KNOW I'm gonna have me one of these babies when I get old and feeble. You'll be gettin the heck out of my way or wishin you had!

I wish.......................I could take Kristina to New York....although this "almost made it to New York" post is too hilarious to maybe it was good she didn't make it. (and Kristina....why is your crotch so close to your ankles....and below your dress???)

I also inform Kristina that THIS is how you work a "Bump it"!!

Thanks for dropping by....and I hope your wishes come true faster than I publish new posts!


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