Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was cruising through blog land and looking at the amazing things the many lovely bloggers have accomplished with their lives. And it got me to thinking about what constitutes a "superhero". It seems to me that there are so many everyday women (and men..but sorry guys this is about us gals) that do some pretty amazing things. Things that may not seem heroic at first...but lets examine it in more depth.

Let's take my mother for instance. My mom is only 5 foot tall and I doubt even in her prime she could bench press a chevy or outrun a train. But I'll tell you what she could do. She could raise 3 kids while working full time, keeping dinner on the table, a spotless household, and still find time to come and cheer me on through every volleyball, baseball, basketball season and attend every gymnastic meet. And did it all without messing up her hair! She sewed her own clothes, alphabetized her spices, and loved her family like there was no tomorrow. And she is the BEST grandmother in the galaxy! Tell me that isn't heroic!

I think my Mom's superhero name would be "I can do it all girl" Her superpowers would be "never having to sleep and remembering the name & phone number of every person she ever met" her superhero outfit would be homesewn with a cape, matching purse, and big earrings.

And then there is my friend best friend Lori. Now Lori (with the help of her great hubby Terry, but again this is about us gals) raised 3 pretty amazing kids. She is smarter than anyone has a right to be and one of the funniest people I know. She taught at a university in Houston and loved her job. It gave her confidence in herself and let her share her amazing talents. But because her son was so incredibly smart...she realized that he needed some things he wasn't getting in the public school system. So she sacrificed her job to home school her son, with AMAZING success. Then at the age of 46, she decided that she didn't like feeling out of shape. So she got up off the couch and started running....not to the fridge like I do...but actually running...and running...and running. And just this year she went to Rome Italy and ran a marathon. And FINISHED in a very respectable time. Tell me that isn't heroic!

superhero name would have to be
INSPIRATION WOMAN and her superpowers would be "Exploding the bad guys with her HUGE brain...and then RUNNING". Her superhero outfit would be a much smaller size than last year...and she wouldn't be afraid to make it out of spandex!

As you can see from all this superhero name would be "talks too much girl" My superpower would be "destroying peoples moods with my endless yapping" And my super outfit would be a plaid skirt, a striped belt, a floral top and a toile cape...I do love mixing fabrics! NO SPANDEX...I only want to scold the bad guys not burn out their retinas!

So how about you guys? What would your superhero self be? Your superpower? Your super outfit?

And what would be your cryptonite? For me it would be chocolate...I'll let any evil villian destroy the planet as long as I have some good milk chocolate.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day two...maybe I'll get the hang of this?

Today I'm going to ramble on about one of my favorite things. I can't count the hours that my sweetie and I have spent lounging in our comfy chairs in front of our koi pond. For those of you who have ponds you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's the sound of the running water. It just soothes and relaxes you. It's like those little pink pills our mothers used to take but without the side effects.
And then there is the opportunity to do some "water gardening" Now the cool thing about water gardening isn't the lovely flowering plants and the unique plant's that there is NO WEEDING! That's right...all the joys of a beautiful garden with no weeds!

And this year my cattails even "cattailed" or whatever you call it when they bloom know...make the brown thingies.

There is also the upside of all the little critters that are attracted by a pond. Within the first week the frogs arrived. I have no clue where they came from...but come they did. Between the fish, birds, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies...well there is never a moment when there isn't something to look at. (We won't talk about the snakes).
These are our fish...I didn't name them this time. Because last year all of my koi became a delicious seafood dinner for a dirty rotten mean ole heron. I figure if I don't name them maybe they'll survive. We currently have koi, shebunkens, and comets. And their favorite treat is watermelon and frozen peas. Oh and the occasional cricket that gets lost in their neighborhood.

We spend so much time out here just enjoying the solitude that we decided to add a gazebo this year. That way when the bugs get bad we can just go inside and continue lazing away our evenings.

If you have the space in your backyard and a few dollars tucked away. I highly recommend water therapy. It not only lowers your blood pressure...but while you're sitting there your spouse actually has to talk to you! It's pretty awesome. And now on to the good stuff. I saved the best for last. Here are pictures of some of my favorite ponds...

this one is brought to you by catnabarn from rms...can you believe how creative this is!>

chalieb from rms

check out the additional views on rms helawrence13

I have a special place in my heart for this one. It's in my home state of Utah and it brings my mountains here to massachusetts. SDEP from rms

Watergardengirl from rms This one is HUGE!

check out the looong stream. stainedglassnut rms

jdisanto from rms

Now I'm off to watch So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway....water gardens are great but they can't compete with my favorite shows!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay here goes first post on my brand spankin new blog. EEEEK it's like giving birth without pain killers. I'm not even sure where to start. I figure this blog is gonna be a mish mash of stuff .....decorating, gardening, books, my family (if I can get them to let me post pictures of them without the threat of bodily harm) . But I guess we'll start with baby steps, and introduce you to the only members of my family that aren't camera shy. My 4 legged babies.

First there is Crumpet. Yes he would be the inspiration for my nickname. Crumpet is a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, and he is the biggest lovelump in the world. He is 3 yrs old, blonde hair, brown eyes, and enjoys long squirrel chases and kissing wild bunnies. Thats right....a few days ago this little sweetheart cornered a bunny inside his pen. The poor thing was so scared (the bunny of course) and froze in the corner. Crumpet was so excited he didn't know how to contain himself. But being a lover and not a fighter he just started licking the bunny on the head. My husband insists he was "tasting him" I however am positive he was giving the bunny some "crumpet loves".
Since my hubby and I both work, we worried that crumpet might get lonely. So for his birthday we brought him home a little buddy. Meet Ozgood He is almost 1 yr old...He is a miniature schnauzer salt and pepper hair, glowing red eyes (not really but they should be) he enjoys chewing, yapping, and annoying my poor hubby. And yes.....he is as evil as he looks in this photo. Okay not really evil...but he does have a wee-bit-o-the-demon in him.

When we first brought him home he looked so sweeet.....Little did we know that he was going to UNtrain Crumpet in half the time it took us to train him. But even with all that....we still love him bunches!

Since one of my favorite past times is floating lazily around the pool with a good was imperative that my little buddies learn to enjoy this slug behavior also. That way I feel less guilty knowing that I'm not the only one getting nothing accomplished on a sunny day.

Okay Ozzie has had enough of this's time for a chewy cheese roll and a nap. Which means that my first official steps into the blogosphere are now at an end. Thank you for coming...oh wait there isn't anyone here......hello...HELLOOOOO????

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