Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was cruising through blog land and looking at the amazing things the many lovely bloggers have accomplished with their lives. And it got me to thinking about what constitutes a "superhero". It seems to me that there are so many everyday women (and men..but sorry guys this is about us gals) that do some pretty amazing things. Things that may not seem heroic at first...but lets examine it in more depth.

Let's take my mother for instance. My mom is only 5 foot tall and I doubt even in her prime she could bench press a chevy or outrun a train. But I'll tell you what she could do. She could raise 3 kids while working full time, keeping dinner on the table, a spotless household, and still find time to come and cheer me on through every volleyball, baseball, basketball season and attend every gymnastic meet. And did it all without messing up her hair! She sewed her own clothes, alphabetized her spices, and loved her family like there was no tomorrow. And she is the BEST grandmother in the galaxy! Tell me that isn't heroic!

I think my Mom's superhero name would be "I can do it all girl" Her superpowers would be "never having to sleep and remembering the name & phone number of every person she ever met" her superhero outfit would be homesewn with a cape, matching purse, and big earrings.

And then there is my friend best friend Lori. Now Lori (with the help of her great hubby Terry, but again this is about us gals) raised 3 pretty amazing kids. She is smarter than anyone has a right to be and one of the funniest people I know. She taught at a university in Houston and loved her job. It gave her confidence in herself and let her share her amazing talents. But because her son was so incredibly smart...she realized that he needed some things he wasn't getting in the public school system. So she sacrificed her job to home school her son, with AMAZING success. Then at the age of 46, she decided that she didn't like feeling out of shape. So she got up off the couch and started running....not to the fridge like I do...but actually running...and running...and running. And just this year she went to Rome Italy and ran a marathon. And FINISHED in a very respectable time. Tell me that isn't heroic!

superhero name would have to be
INSPIRATION WOMAN and her superpowers would be "Exploding the bad guys with her HUGE brain...and then RUNNING". Her superhero outfit would be a much smaller size than last year...and she wouldn't be afraid to make it out of spandex!

As you can see from all this superhero name would be "talks too much girl" My superpower would be "destroying peoples moods with my endless yapping" And my super outfit would be a plaid skirt, a striped belt, a floral top and a toile cape...I do love mixing fabrics! NO SPANDEX...I only want to scold the bad guys not burn out their retinas!

So how about you guys? What would your superhero self be? Your superpower? Your super outfit?

And what would be your cryptonite? For me it would be chocolate...I'll let any evil villian destroy the planet as long as I have some good milk chocolate.


Southern Lady said...

Hi, Nikki,

I just heard about your blog from BJ, and couldn't wait to visit you. I always enjoyed seeing your beautiful home and gardens on RMS, and love your sense of humor and your "way with words."

I'm going to add you to my bloglist and I'm sure you're going to be one of the first ones I visit every day.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!



Stacey said...

Love it! You are so clever!

You are on my favorites list. :)


Cathy said...

Now Nikki.....who is the clever one with this bogging? I just figured out how to put my own pictures on in a row last week....I think you've been practicing!


Gretchen said...


I just discovered your blog and I love your koi pond and garden.

I'm a mystery lover too and I can see we like some of the same authors.

Welcome to the blogging life!


Elizabeth said...

This is a great post, Nikki! You are a great writer, and I love the pictures you used to illustrate your points!
I'm putting you on my blog roll, too!
I also live in MA. email me

bj said...

You gotta LOVE super heros and I have some, too !!
You are doing so good on your blog, Nikki...Good job!
love, bj

Jeanne said...

Nikki, I was so caught up in your super hero story. You definitely have a way with words. Your mom sounds like a super hero to me, as is your amazing friend. You are my new super hero in blogging. Great job.


artis1111 said...

I think all moms are heros to their kids. It is when we loose them that they become even more wonderful. And chocolate would have to be my downfall too. We can already do more things than it is possible to do. In way less time than it should be done.Superwomen!! Besides ther os no way I can fit in one of those costumes!! Heee..Kathy

Pat@ Back Porch Musings said...

Hi Nikki

I came by, via BJ's Sweet Nothings. Welcome to the land of blog. You're off to a great start!


gloria said...

Nikki!! just seen you had a blog from Pickets... girl I ran all the way over here then.. I am so happy to see in in blog land I so much admired your style On RMS.. You can be sure I will visit you again Hey all my favs from RMS are here now...hugs and Smiles aka Happytobe

nikkicrumpet said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting my blog and taking time to read all my drivel. Gretchen I tried to find your blog but It wouldn't come up? But thanks for the kind words. And thanks to Stacey and Gloria for all the sweet comments. Everyone else I'll come visit you on your blogs!

Jared and Jessica said...

I love it...Grandma's almost made me cry!! Working on getting the pictures up..But I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

Rue said...

You are too funny Nikki LOL

What great women you have in your life!

We were just talking about superheros in the car on the way back from dinner. Isn't THAT strange?! Nobody else answered the question LOL I guess I will be first and say that I would be super exercise avoid-er ;)


nikkicrumpet said...

LOL Rue...not if you can wear that little get up you were wearing on your blog!!!

onlymehere said...

Did you draw the pencil sketch super hero for yourself? I thought that was too funny! I've added you to my blog list too. Guess I'll have to do some thinking on what kind of a super hero I could be bz I'm drawing a blank right now. Have a great weekend.

nikkicrumpet said...

I wish I could draw like that. It is a talent I would be thrilled to drawing ability is like my singing ability....and both are better left undisplayed to the world!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Great post! Yes, there are plenty of superheroes out there who never get the recognition. Your posts are so fun to read and so humorous!



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