Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Okay here goes nothing.....my first post on my brand spankin new blog. EEEEK it's like giving birth without pain killers. I'm not even sure where to start. I figure this blog is gonna be a mish mash of stuff .....decorating, gardening, books, my family (if I can get them to let me post pictures of them without the threat of bodily harm) . But I guess we'll start with baby steps, and introduce you to the only members of my family that aren't camera shy. My 4 legged babies.

First there is Crumpet. Yes he would be the inspiration for my nickname. Crumpet is a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, and he is the biggest lovelump in the world. He is 3 yrs old, blonde hair, brown eyes, and enjoys long squirrel chases and kissing wild bunnies. Thats right....a few days ago this little sweetheart cornered a bunny inside his pen. The poor thing was so scared (the bunny of course) and froze in the corner. Crumpet was so excited he didn't know how to contain himself. But being a lover and not a fighter he just started licking the bunny on the head. My husband insists he was "tasting him" I however am positive he was giving the bunny some "crumpet loves".
Since my hubby and I both work, we worried that crumpet might get lonely. So for his birthday we brought him home a little buddy. Meet Ozgood He is almost 1 yr old...He is a miniature schnauzer salt and pepper hair, glowing red eyes (not really but they should be) he enjoys chewing, yapping, and annoying my poor hubby. And yes.....he is as evil as he looks in this photo. Okay not really evil...but he does have a wee-bit-o-the-demon in him.

When we first brought him home he looked so sweeet.....Little did we know that he was going to UNtrain Crumpet in half the time it took us to train him. But even with all that....we still love him bunches!

Since one of my favorite past times is floating lazily around the pool with a good book...it was imperative that my little buddies learn to enjoy this slug behavior also. That way I feel less guilty knowing that I'm not the only one getting nothing accomplished on a sunny day.

Okay Ozzie has had enough of this nonsense...it's time for a chewy cheese roll and a nap. Which means that my first official steps into the blogosphere are now at an end. Thank you for coming...oh wait there isn't anyone here......hello...HELLOOOOO????


bj said...

I'm here....I'm here, Nikki !!!!! Remember me??? Your long-lost friend that hung out with you for ages on RMS, the land of the LOST??? Hahaha...Can't tell ya how happy I am to see you and your sweet doggies on here. You are gonna have such fun and you will soooo be loved in Blogland. Your priceless personality is going to be such fun to share.
I am so excited to hear how you decided to do this.....
Come see me often and I sure will be back to see you!
Love, bj

Cathy said...

NIKKI!!!!! I'm so glad to "SEE" a familiar face!( Crumpets!!) So you have entered into Blogland! This is my 3rd week.....it is fun, and now I'm spending EVEN more time on the computer! I'll sure add you to my list! Welcome! By the way your blog looks great!


Penny said...

Welcome to blogland! Wow, you're doing a great job. I loved meeting your adorable furchildren and seeing pictures of your beautiful home on your blog.

Thank you for stopping by, and you can count on me dropping over to your place. I just love pool floating.


Rue said...

Nikki!!!! I started clapping when I read your comment :) LOL

I'm so glad you've decided to do this. It's so much more fun than RMS. After a year of all the malarkey that goes on there, I just couldn't take it anymore and then I decided to try this out and I love it! I know you will too :)

I love your furbabies and I wish I could float on a raft with you ;)

Welcome to the club!

Big hugs,

bj said...

Just wanted to say I have a
WELCOME, NIKKI post for tomorrow...wanted to help introduce you to everyone..
happy day, bj

Elizabeth said...

Welcome to blogland, Nikki! I remember you, your cute dog Crumpet in the kitchen, and your gorgeous designs, from RMS! I stumbled upon you from the comment you left at Justine's! Stop by my blog sometime!

Holly (Nickname) said...

Hey Nikki!!

SOOOOO good to hear from you girl! Welcome to blogland! GREAT job on the blog, too...just beautiful! I love what you have done with the pictures. You are so talented! Crumpett and Oz are so adorable...I am sure they are getting into mischief as we speak!
I am adding you to my blog roll so I can try to keep in better touch. I have done some cosmetic changes to my home,so I will be listing them soon. THANK you for contacting me Nikki...you are so SWEET!!!!
Have fun~
xxxooo Holly (aka Ruth)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nikki!!!! Great to see another RMS girl!!! I don't have a blog, I have to much fun roaming around all the RMS bloggers!!! You'll be one of my first stops everyday along with Rue, Picket, Justine, Gollum and so many I could never name them all. (I have to set the timer on myself so I don't spend to much time in blogland!) Good luck!! M. Ann/tweakaday,rms

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow...cool people are actually showing up...THIS ROCKS. For all of you with blogs I can come and visit and say "hi". For m. Ann (tweakaday)I'll have to say my hellos here and thank her for stopping by. It would be sad if nobody came...like sending out party invitations and having no one show up. So THANK YOU for coming to by dopey party...I will try not to waste your time with too much stupid stuff!

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Oh yes, we are so here! lol Welcome to blogland! You are going to love it here. Found you from Picket's blog. I was kady_39 on RMS, and came to blogland in late April. I love it here and all the great people! You really do feel the love here and NO TROLLS!


onlymehere said...

Nikki, I remember you and your beautiful home from RMS! Thank you for your sweet comments and, yes, you can come and get your fix any time you want. I'm going to add you to my blog list. You'll love it here. Everyone is so nice, even if they don't agree with you on whatever you've posted. I was so excited to find you'd lived here!! It took me awhile to talk my family into letting me put up their pictures too but now they like it and check it out to keep me in line (they also give me alot of my ideas for blogs)! This is going to be fun!

Rhondi said...

Your dogs are darling!!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Hi Nikki, and Welcome to Blogland!!
I'm BluebirdBecca from RMS.
Pop over and visit my blog when you get a chance.
I'll bookmark you so I can visit again!

Nancy said...

Hi Nikki, Welcome to blog land. I am glad I found you. You might remember me from rms...shop till i drop...I love blogging so much better then RMS! I will add you to my blog list. Nancy

Bridget said...

I love the puppies on the pool floats. My Sophie would have a fit! She hates the water. I put her in the pool when we first brought her home to make sure she could find her way out if she were to fall in and since then, she stays as far away from the pool as she can. All I have to say is Do you want to go swimming? and she'll run and hide.

ko said...

Oh he is a wheaton...They are my second FAvorite.....His face looks a bit like my Reneah..a golden doodle! you have precious dogs and an absolutely gorgeous home....wow..you have been blessed!

imjacobsmom said...

Hi Nikki,
Crumpet & Ozzie are such cuties! I've got a schnauzer, too, He loves the water and loves to ride in the boat - wind whipping through that muzzle. Nice to see you in blogland. I tried uploading garden pics to RMS but it's always too busy since the new show. This is much more fun. ~ Robyn


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